100% British


All our natural stone is:

Ethically Sourced – As all the natural stone we sell is quarried and processed in the UK, we can guarantee that everything you buy from us has been ethically sourced – unlike a lot of the imported stone being sold in the UK. Also you are protecting UK jobs and keeping the skills, passed down through the generations, for the next generation to come.


Low Carbon Footprint – the natural stone you buy from us hasn’t been transported around the world, ensuring that not only are you helping the environment, but you are helping British business and jobs.


Sustainable - Welsh Slate and Breedon are committed to conducting its business in an environmentally responsible manner by maximising the environmental benefits, minimising the environmental impact and promoting sustainable development within its operations and services.


Welsh Slate is specifically resolved to:

  • Utilising every tonne of slate for its optimum performance and value
  • Continually improving performance in all aspects of its environmental impact through the elimination of pollution at source
  • Reducing energy consumption and the production of CO2 emissions year on year through the adoption of better techniques and new technologies
  • Achieving operational excellence
  • Minimising waste; recycling where necessary and re-using where possible all materials at the highest point in the value chain
  • Complying with relevant legislation, codes of practice, industrial standards and other requirements.
  • Maintaining environmental management systems certified to ISO 14001:2004
  • Sympathetic restoration and reinstatement of its sites through the use of natural materials and indigenous species to maintain and enhance where possible the character of each location.