100% Direct


Unlike most online sites, at UK Stone Direct you are purchasing your stone direct from the quarries, which we own.  This means you can have 100% reassurance that you know exactly where your stone has come from and all our quarries are located in the UK.  Also the stone has been expertly extracted using techniques passed down through the centuries and together we are protecting these skills and jobs for future generations.

When creating a long-lasting statement with your project, make sure you know the provenance, history and technical characteristics of what you are purchasing. 

Going back as far as the 13th Century, we know our stone (formed over 500 million years ago) from Penrhyn Quarry in North West Wales has been utilised for projects throughout the world.  This history and experience in knowing the stone we extract means we understand about how best to turn the extracted stone into unique pieces and using the superior technical characteristics of the stone means we know how and where best to use the stone.