Frequently Asked Quesions

Section A:  Pricing, Orders and Refunds

  1. Do the prices include delivery and VAT?

Yes.  Once you enter your postcode at checkout, the price shown is a delivered price including VAT.


  1. How much should I order?

Depending upon the product you are looking to order, we have a paving calculator, a flooring calculator and an aggregate calculator on the site.  Just put in your dimensions, and we can recommend the quantity required.  This quantity does not allow for grouting joints, except with the paving patio pack product, which allows for a repeating pattern to be laid and covers an area of 14.8m2 (including a recommended 10mm joint gap).

For flooring tiles and paving slabs:  We recommend ordering an additional 10% to allow for cutting.  Unfortunately we cannot accept the return of excess material.


  1. What refund do I get if the goods are no longer required after delivery?

If you wish to make a change to the product you have ordered, please contact us.  We will let you know your options.

For flooring tiles and paving slabs:   It should be noted that any surplus tiles and paving slabs are worth keeping as they will be from the same batch as your original material and can be utilised should any damage occur after the tiles and paving slabs have been installed. 


Section B: Stone selection, Care and Maintenance of Flooring tiles and Paving slabs.

  1. Will the flooring tiles and paving slabs I order be the same as my sample?

Any sample supplied is intended as a guide only and unfortunately cannot show all possible tonal and texture variations, as our material is completely natural.


  1. Can you guarantee the colour?

All of our stone is completely natural and as a result we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

For flooring tiles and paving slabs:  Each tile and paving slab will vary in tone and colour. This adds to the beauty of the natural stone, as this is a look which can never be achieved with a man-made product.  As a consequence, we recommend to dry lay and blend the tiles before installation. This means you can be selective about the tiles and paving slabs you use in certain areas.  In addition, it also means that colours can be mixed so it doesn’t leave the floor or paving area looking patchy.

  1. Can your flooring tiles be used on walls?

Our flooring tiles can be used on internal walls, but recommend that only tiles of 12mm thickness or less are used. Please seek advice from a professional tiler, who can assess the construction prior to installation.


  1. Do the flooring tiles need sealing?

Depending upon the application, will depend upon the need for the natural stone to be sealed.  We would recommend the need to seal tiles, which are installed internally on the floor or on a worktop.  There are a number of sealants on the market, and should be applied as per their instructions.


  1. How can I clean my flooring tiles and paving slabs?

Harsh cleaning chemicals should not be used to clean the flooring tiles or paving slabs.  However regular gentle cleaning, sweeping and mopping will ensure that your stone tiles and paving slabs are easy to maintain, in particular for flooring tiles used internally, as long as they are sealed properly.


  1. How hard wearing is natural stone?

As long as your stone is installed and maintained correctly, natural stone should last a lifetime.


  1. Is stone high maintenance?

No. Once installed and sealed (as appropriate) correctly, stone isn’t high maintenance. You should follow advice on cleaning and maintenance.


  1. Is natural stone suitable for my kitchen?

Yes, natural stone is a classic for use in internal applications. We would recommend the need to seal flooring tiles, which are installed internally on the kitchen floor or on a worktop, to offer protection against stains.  There are a number of sealants on the market, and should be applied as per their instructions.


  1. Can your flooring tiles be used inside and outdoors?

On our website, we indicate which products are best suited for use either internally or externally.


  1. Can I lay my floor or paving on the day of delivery?

Our natural stone is packed wet at the quarry so will often arrive with the customer still damp. We recommend allowing 48 hours for the paving or tiles to dry out so you can see the true colour before laying.


Section C:  Delivery

  1. How do you deliver my order?


All orders come packed onto a pallet or wooden crate.  By placing the order and accepting our delivery conditions, you are confirming that the delivery address meets our third party haulier conditions, namely that:

  • The order will be delivered to the closest and safest accessible point to the property, in most cases this is a kerbside delivery.
  • Deliveries are made using a tail-lift offload and are lowered to the ground.
  • There is a manual pump truck on board the delivery vehicle and at the driver’s discretion this may be utilised on flat, hard standing ground.
  • The driver is unable to handle the goods or enter a customer’s property, so someone responsible must be available at the property upon delivery.
  • The ground and road need to be flat, level and solid tarmac or concrete to use this system. We cannot deliver onto sloping ground, as the tail lift must be able to lay flat on the ground. If you have any doubts, please contact us for further details.
  • Broken concrete, gravel or sloping ground is unsuitable and pallets may be left on the roadside only if it's safe to do so.
  • The road must be wide enough for a lorry to fit down, usually wider and larger than a dustbin lorry. If your access is restricted, please contact us.
  • Please make sure that there are no overhead obstructions, such as overhanging trees or cables. Also please inform us of any height restrictions on the delivery route as this could prevent delivery.
  • We cannot deliver onto sloping ground, as the tail lift must be able to lay flat on the ground.
  • We do not deliver by crane or hiab.
  • Our couriers’ delivery will be between the hours of 8am and 6pm.


  1. How long does delivery take?

We are endeavouring to continue to achieve these delivery times below, but on the odd occasion in these difficult times, we may unfortunately not meet our expected service levels.  We appreciate your understanding.

All deliveries of Welsh Slate aggregates are made either by standard delivery service or next working day, for orders placed before 12pm Monday – Friday. 

All deliveries of Breedon Special aggregates are made by standard delivery service and take 3-4 days, for orders placed before 12pm Monday – Friday. 

All deliveries of paving and flooring are made within 5-7 working days, for orders placed before 12pm Monday – Friday.

No deliveries are made at weekends or on bank holidays.