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Glossary - Appearance


The colour of any natural stone will always be generic and may vary from piece to piece or indeed within a single piece.


Natural stone, by its name, will have natural inclusions within the stone, which were formed millions of years ago. These natural inclusions may appear as veins in the stone and may be of a different colour.

Relict Bedding

This geological term refers to structures or minerals from a parent rock that did not undergo metamorphic change when the surrounding rock did, or to rock that survived a destructive geologic process. May be considered as veining, found mainly in slate deposits.

Green Spots

Reduction markings in slate due to a lower content of iron oxides prior to metamorphosis.


Covers all manner of surface appearance, whether veins, colour bands / variations or minerals that have remained unchanged from the geological processes. 


Ferrous (iron / metallic) inclusions.

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