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Glossary - Products


Natural Stone paving, large format, often random in length and width.


A flat rectangular piece of natural stone or concrete used as a paving material.


Mainly referred for use as interior flooring or walling applications.  Generally thinner than flags or slabs albeit on occasion interchangeable depending on application and environment.


Dimensional / rectangular /cubic stone or concrete used for external paving, driveways or pathways. Minimum 30mm thickness.


Often nowadays the words "setts" and "cobbles" are interchangeable, but when used correctly, cobbles are stones, which are rounded, irregular in shape and are undressed and uneven.


Also known as Paviors or Pavers, they are used on driveways and pathways as a block paving and can be made from natural stone or concrete.


Aggregates are a broad category of coarse to medium grained particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel and crushed stone, and in domestic project for use in the garden, driveway and pathways for decorative and maintenance purposes.


Small sized crushed and graded stone generally larger than 10mm


Sometimes referred to as Aggregate or Mulch, or vice-versa.  On the whole, gravel often is a mixture of different size and colour pieces of stone, which in some cases may be mixed with sand and possibly some clay.


A covering placed around plants (or covering the ground in lieu of plants), mainly to prevent the growth of weeds.  Use of stone mulch is an excellent alternative to typical wood varieties of mulch.


The amount of material required to cover a given area to a given depth.


A small piece of stone intended purely as a guide and unfortunately cannot show all possible tonal and texture variations of the natural stone.

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