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We recognise our social responsibility obligations in our various roles, which include producer, investor, employer and consumer.  We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

Whilst some services and products are procured on a national basis, where possible local suppliers and services are used. We strongly believe that recirculating our spend into the local economy and local businesses ensures we receive excellent customer service, thereby keeping our sites fully operational.

Our policies and codes of conduct encourage the highest standards in areas such as the environment, health and safety, and equal opportunities, both for our staff and those with whom they may come into contact.

We aim to reduce any impact of our operations and especially encourage a positive approach to people's health and safety and care for the environment (our policies in these areas an integral part of our business activities).  For example, we continue to improve our safety performance year-on-year; we have increased the number of sites with environmental, safety and quality certification; and we have continued to focus on actively engaging communities through local liaison and support for local events, community groups and sports teams.

We aim to manage our people openly, honestly and fairly and to be a responsible employer, adopting values and standards designed to help guide our staff in their conduct and business relationships.  We are committed to having a fully trained and competent workforce and actively promote vocational training for our employees.

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