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We have access to a wealth of natural stones;   with over 100 quarries throughout the UK, we can select the highest quality, genuine material for any size of project and for any application, whether it is for flooring or paving, rockery stones or walling, or decorative aggregates and self-binding gravel. 

Owning a number of quarries throughout the UK, we can tell you exactly which quarry the material comes from. We are very proud of our heritage and take pride in ensuring the centuries-old skills in crafting natural stone products are maintained and continue to be passed down the generations. 

Nowadays with many natural stones available to buy, sourced from all around the world, it is always worth spending some time to understand exactly where your stone is coming from. With many people wanting to buy local and reduce the environmental impact from importing natural stone from countries like India and Brazil, now is the time to look at the amazing natural stones which are extracted here in the UK.

In the UK, formed over millions of years ago, we have high quality, technically superior and aesthetically pleasing slate, limestones, sandstones and granite. On top of that, you can choose a finish to suit your application, and create a stunning project using British material.

Just naming the country or particular region overseas as the source doesn’t really tell you a lot about the quarry or what you are buying. Therefore, it is always worth checking out who actually extracts the stone and processes the material, rather than using a company which just “buys from the quarry”. The knowledge of those who work at the quarry is invaluable and can provide you with re-assurance that you are buying genuine, high quality material.

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